MESMAP-2 has finished in success...

we are waiting you in MESMAP-3..................

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April 13-16, 2017


Girne, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus




April 22-25 2015

Hotel ASKA Lara Deluxe

Antalya, TURKEY



Dear Colleagues,


We cordially invite you to participate to MESMAP-2 in the dates of April 22-25, 2015; Antalya-TURKEY


  • To share your novel scientific results and valuable knowledge on MAPs with more than 500 participants from 50 different countries above from all related disciplines,
  • To publish your paper in high quality scientific journals with high impact factor,
  • To taste famous, delicious and healthy Mediterranean cousins,
  • To see all the historical and cultural heritage from ancient times and natural beauties,
  • To have unforgettable a couple of days and nights by the Mediterranean Sea,
  • To refresh yourself with Mediterranean sun, sea and sand before the future collaborations for novel projects

To enjoy your international flights with economic prices and high comfort with Turkish Airlines “Turkish Airlines” is the Official Airline of MESMAP-2 and offers a special discounted rate for the international participants.   


Prof. Dr. Nazım ŞEKEROĞLU

MESMAP-2 Chairman





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 We would like to express our sincere thanks to participants from MESMAP-2013 as well as supporting institutions. 


Prof.Dr. İlkay ERDOĞAN ORHAN                                             Prof.Dr. Nazım ŞEKEROĞLU

Faculty of Pharmacy                                                             President of AMAPMED (ATABDER)

Eastern Mediterranean University




The symposium was a great success... excellent organization .. excellent everything..

Thank you very much for inviting me .. and thank you for everything..


With my best regards.

Yours sincerely,


Prof. Dr. Asaad Khalid MA Ahmed, SUDAN.

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Sempozyum düzenleyicilerini kutluyorum, yararlı ve güzel bir organizasyondu.

Sağlık ve esenlik dileklerimle, işlerinizde kolaylıklar temenni ederim. . .


Prof.Dr. Ercan EFE


I would like to thak You once again for your kind hospitality.
It was a pleaseure to be with You. The symposium was extrmely fantastic.

Prof.Dr. Kazimierz Głowniak, POLAND


The event will be successful and very well appreciated MESMAP.


Mansoor Heidarpor, IRAN


We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your warm welcome and for organizing the Symposium. We appreciate your great commitment, work and such kind hospitality. We are happy to have met exceptionally kind-hearted people like you! 


It has been an honour to attend this event and we look forward to successful cooperation in the future.

Kindest regards, 


Emeritus Prof. Dr. Emin Sofic

M. Sci., mr. ph. Saida Ibragic

Assistant Professor Ismet Tahirovic

Doc. Dr. Jasmin Toromanovic

M. Sci., mr. ph. Sukrija Huseinovic

M. Sci., mr. ph. Sait Muradic

M. Sci. Sead Selman,



Thank you for the very successful symposium and for the excellent organization.We enjoyed every thing very much.


Amel Mahmoud, SUDAN



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